About Us

From early childhood my love of animals was not only apparent but an obsession, I collected anything from stick insects to guinea pigs, rabbits etc. To try and appease me my father took me one Sunday morning to what used to be ‘Club Row’ where a variety of animals were sold. Club Row is no longer with us and has not been for many a year. However, he bought me two rabbits, the variety was Old English, the buck called Thumper cost him 7/6p in old money and the doe 5/-. Thumper was apparently a very good specimen and to keep me occupied my uncle took me to rabbit shows, in which Thumper did well. And so, from an early age, my showing and competitive instinct was born.

I had to wait many years before I eventually had the dog of my choice and this was a Cocker Spaniel from the of Ware kennels and she was given to me as a leaving present when I left work to have my first child. From the Cockers to Irish Setters of which I had for many years and still love greatly, and then to Gordon Setters which I have now had for well over 35 years. My children were brought up with these dogs and came to dog shows with me in the early days.

Many years have passed and I have been fortunate to have bred and shown some beautiful animals including the breed record holder Sh.Ch. Liric High Society, whom to date still holds this title. I have travelled all over England judging at both Open and Championship show level, have judged both on the Continent and twice in Australia and have had the honour of judging Gordon Setters at Crufts. You will find Liric Gordon's in many dogs pedigrees both here and abroad. The LIRIC affix is well known and is made up from the first two initials of my daughters name and the first three letters of my sons name. I have had the privilege of being the top breeder now for several years and became a member of the Kennel Clubs Accredited Breeder Scheme when it first evolved.

Something that is not so well known is that I have also had Dachshunds for over 35 years. This originated from the fact that my son was too small to cope with the size of the Gordon's, so a Standard Longhaired Dachshund was the choice and she was called Charlie Girl.  She gave us many years of pleasure as a small family companion. From then on Mini Dachshunds came into our lives and since then there have nearly always been Dachshunds here at Liric.

As the years go past I am now keeping fewer Gordons, some have died over the years and have not been replaced, and some now live with friends.  However, I shall continue to breed my lovely dogs for as long as possible but not necessarily keeping any more here.  This could be an ideal opportunity for that "Special show potential puppy" to go to that "Special" home.  Watch this space.