Although, when talking to a new prospective owner I cover most aspects, the following are the most common questions.

Q. How big will they be as an adult.

A. They are the heaviest of the Setters, males weighing approx.60 lbs
Females approx. 56 lbs.

Q. I don’t know whether to have a male or a female.

A. It is a personal preference, males are obviously larger than females,
both have good temperaments, males tend not to lose their coats as
much as females, they both make good companions. Both sexes are
boisterous as puppies.

Q. Should I get him/her neutered.

A. Not something I advocate, albeit your vet may suggest this. Their lovely
Silky coats will go wooly, they can become obese, bitches often have urinary
problems in later life. Unless it is for medical purposes I personally would
not have this done, but, again, it is a personal choice.

Q. How much exercise will he/she need.

A. As a young puppy not very much, playing in the garden is sufficient in the
early days, teaching it to walk on a lead, puppy training classes. As a young
adult it will need more, and Gordons love to gallop. As an adult it will take as much exercise as you can give it.

Q. Are they good with children/cats/other animals.

A. With correct socialisation and training, yes.

Q. Does the breed suffer from any major health problems.

A. No not really, like a lot of large dogs there can be a tendency to arthritis in
later life but with correct feeding, exercise and t.l.c. Gordons hopefully will
have a long life expectancy. Ears should be cleaned regularly and the animal checked over for any foreign bodies whilst grooming

All good breeders will have their stock tested for the health checks that are currently relevant for the breed.

Q. How often do I have to groom it.

A. On a regular basis – grooming can be quite therapeutic for both dog and
owner and is a great place for bonding.

Q. What do I feed, and how often.

A. When you first collect the puppy it will be on 3 or 4 meals daily and you
will be given a diet sheet and a quantity of food to cover you for a short
while, as an adult my Setters are fed twice a day. There are many varieties
of complete foods on the market but feed the best you can and take advice
from the breeder,

This is just a selection of questions, many more are gone through in detail when discussing your prospective purchase with the breeder.