For those people who may be thinking about having a Gordon Setter puppy I always suggest that they come and meet me and my dogs, either at a show, or preferably at my home where you can see the dogs running free and in their natural environment. It is most important that you make sure that they are the breed for you and that I think you are a suitable owner! Gordon Setters are big dogs, the heaviest of the Setter family and a full grown male will weigh in at about 65lbs and will be approx. 26 inches at the shoulder whilst a bitch will weigh about 56 lbs and will be 24 inches at the shoulder approx. The adult coat is usually long and silky and does require regular brushing to keep clean. They are energetic dogs who need a good amount of exercise to keep them fit both physically and mentally. They are excellent companions and make loyal and devoted pets.

I only breed from stock that is sound in both mind and body and has been through the relevant health schemes with satisfactory results.

Puppies are bred and kept in excellent conditions, fed on the best of foods, are well handled from the start and get used to the general hub bub of life.

All puppies leave here with a puppy pack which contains a pedigree, K.C. registration, diet sheet, general information and advice on rearing your pup to adulthood, names and addresses of breed clubs should you wish to join, and a supply of food. In line with the K.C. Assured Breeder scheme I also have a puppy contract, which, amongst other things explains that the puppy’s K.C. registration is endorsed. This contract of sale fully outlines these endorsements which are placed to ensure that no puppy is bred from indiscriminately and without my knowledge and is to ensure the well being of the breed for the future. Both parties keep a signed copy. All puppies go on the understanding that should, for any reason, the dog can no longer be kept by the owner, I, the breeder, am notified and be given the first option to either have the dog back or help with its re housing.

If you require any further information or advice please feel free to contact me.

If you are fortunate enough to obtain a Liric  puppy be assured that it goes with many years of breeding experience and knowledge behind it.

'I aim to breed puppies that are Fit for Function, Fit for Life'


Typical Liric Gordon Setter Puppies